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Bailemos Juntitos!




About me

Music has been a part of me since I was a little girl dreaming about singing while, in my mind, my life played with a soundtrack that I was creating.

When I was 9 I composed my first single, which started a personal process that allowed me to express my joy for life and the stream of emotions that were my feelings through music.


My parents were always supportive of my musical curiosity and my creative instinct in what was a very happy childhood filled with music that started to shape my development as an artist.

Seeking to understand a little more about the complexity of music and to expand my creative potential as a songwriter, I took singing, piano and guitar lessons; learning these only made my desire to dive into this world greater still, leading me to dedicate my life to create, disseminate and understand music as the universal language that it is.

At age 15 I composed my first session with Alejandro at. After this transformative experience, I wanted to take my artistic growth even farther under the tutelage of professor Jesse Chirinos.

This is my world and in it my music lives.





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